I will keep this short and I will keep it…well it can’t be sweet because I am not feeling so sweet. I started this blog to show how empowered I was because a year ago I moved out on my own with my daughter from a 29 year marriage. It was a chance for the world to follow me on my journey as I gained independence. I did that for the most part.

I did that for the most part. I actually survived a year out in the world without him.

We became friends, I would stop off at his house and see my pets, I can’t have pets at my apartment so he says stop off anytime to see them so I did.

Well I knocked, he answered the door and let me in and there on the couch was another woman. My husband has another woman right there on the couch next to him. He politely introduced her and I politely said hi and we shook hands. Now see I did not know it was his girlfriend because she was so young and my sons friend was also in the living room I thought it was his girlfriend. But as I was walking away to go to the other room out of the corner of my eye I seen the friend shake her hand too. WHAT!

I went to my sons room and said, “Who is that lady?” He said it was his dads friend. My heart ripped in two. I snuck out the back door and left, my son was yelling at me not to leave like this. I was bawling. I drove and drove and was heaving from crying so hard.

His mother convinced us to buy this tore up house because she had terminal cancer because she wanted to leave me and my husband a house. The entire family flipped this house with our blood sweat and sometime tears..with our hands. We layed carpet, went to Home Depot as a family picking swatches of what color we wanted our rooms and painted. We did the landscaping, did the interior decorating. We even custom made an extra room to around my favorite humoungous leather sectional couch that was so big because that was the comfy room that I wanted when my people came to visit and we could all fit and watch tv. This was where I would raise my grandkids.

This was the house I was kicked out because when my husband asked for a divorce his mother was still alive and it was legally still her house and she would have my daughter and I escorted out by the police if we didn’t. Which she did happen to do, the police physically removed my daughter from the house.

So to see another woman sitting comfortably next to my husband in that house was a blow I don’t care if I had dated also. I dated to try to get over him, he had been dated because he WAS over me.

But this is part of my journey. This is a slap of reality that somehow has knocked me obviously flat down face first on the floor and I have to get up and put one foot in front of the other and do this thing called life. Anyone going through what I am going through knows what I am talking about. You ride the pain and you know it is there but you don’t let it dominate you. You don’t let it consume you. I have my moments that I break down and I excuse myself and I come back to my desk and I get back to work. I will survive this because I know the more pain I can survive the stronger it will make me. And that is what I want. Because the choice is mine, what am I going to choose, start calling him…I love you don’t do this…come back to me…lay on my couch bawling…get a big bottle of vodka and numb my problems away or I can see the reality of this. I cannot control people place or things. And know when you expose your open wound to sunshine, fresh air in time it starts the process of stopping to bleed then slowly the wound closes and starts to heal…as I will.


  1. You are so strong, and in such a good place with dealing with this pain. My heart is with you. I am glad you cognitively know the pain will eventually ease. In the meantime, continue to bawl when you need to. Hugs, and stay well-


    1. In my heart I know I do not want to go back with him, but I knew the day would come when I would have to face this and this was the knife I needed to sever it forever. This was a good thing. Thank you


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