I Wished My Husband Well With His New Woman!!

4 thoughts on “I Wished My Husband Well With His New Woman!!”

  1. It is so true, the only one you are hurting with those thoughts is yourself. When people ask how I feel about my ex getting engaged I can honestly say that I am happy for him. Because if he is happy, then he is less likely to mess with me and my life. And I am happy, so much happier now without him, then I was the last 3 years we were married that I wouldn’t want it to end any other way.


  2. It’s a terrible scene for sure. But you’re right. You were taking poison hoping to kill him (or her….or both). That doesn’t work. Your solution of prayer is the only real solution. Surrendering it is great, being able to pray for him is even healthier. I hope you find the peace


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