I watched this movie called Labor Day and it is about a wife who got left by her husband because she was in love with love, her heads were in the clouds about love.  She wanted to dance and be held and feel alive with a man but later on in the movie because the husband left, he apologizes to their son for leaving his mother.  He tells him that his mother was a beautiful woman but he just couldn’t give her that special love she needed.  So happens a prisoner takes them hostage one Labor Day weekend and they fall in love…I know, I know farfetched but oh so beautiful and romantic the way taught her to squish those peaches to make peach pies…hmmmm.

Well I won’t tell the ending but I started crying because that was me in the movie.  I don’t want a cheap player who wants me for one night, I don’t want to settle for a comfortable relationship just because I don’t want to be alone.  I believe in love, magical love.  The kind of love where you horse play and tickle each other, surprise each other with gifts, snuggle up from behind them because they just look oh so good, get excited when you see their car pull up or see a text from them or tell them to listen to the words of a song because this is how I feel about you.  Someone that thinks I am adorable and can’t stop saying it and believes it!

Am I living in a dream world.  Have I watched too many Disney movies?  I don’t think so.  I aim high because I deserve the stars and the moon and everything that comes with it.  I am a remarkable woman and I love with all my being and I deserve someone that will do the same for me.

Do you hear that Universe.  I just put my order out to you.  I am patient, but I am ready too.  Send me one hell of a prince.  Because I know there are decent men out there and we women do deserve that.

Oh did I mention I watched Frozen yesterday?  So romantic….Now really really, I would like to be Jasmine with the dark skin and those beautiful flowy silks, maybe I will watch Aladin next….

All joking aside, I don’t want to be a real princess, but shouldn’t every man treat his “girl” like a “princess”?  And shouldn’t every girl treat her “guy” like her “prince”.  In a nutshell that would mean treat them with a whole lot of love and a whole lot of respect.  Chivalry never has to die! Never let that goooooo!  That was a pretty song…

Let it gooooo!  Let it gooooo!  The cold never bothered me anyway!!!

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