I can remember being in so much pain, I can remember seeing no end to the pain. I would think, ok let today be a day I don’t think of you….shit! I didn’t even last a half hour. The tears in the pillows, the breaking down at work and pretending that everything is ok. Songs would come on the radio and I would have to change them because I would think of you. Everything reminded me of you. They say throw everything away that reminds me of you so I did. I even gave away the diamond necklace you gave me. It will be fine they say, time heals all they say…

They say! They say! They all have something to say but nobody can tell me anything to take the pain away! What will become of me? What will I do with a life without you?

Time went by and I forced one foot in front of the other and continued to live my life through my pain and then today I turned on the radio and this song came on, the words flooded my car…”Now you’re just some stranger that I used to know…”

I remember I couldn’t listen to this song because I thought this could never be me, but it was now. Gee when was the last time I thought of you? A long time. Maybe it just wasn’t meant to be. Wow, you know what, no disrespect, but my heart isn’t breaking anymore. Gee, now you really are just a person I used to know…. Someone that doesn’t cause me pain anymore…I like that!

I have inserted the music video for your listening pleasure…I love this song now!!!!



  1. Man. Break-ups. I have to go listen to that song now. Congratulations on coming out the other side. That is how it works, isn’t it? You keep living your life through the pain and eventually you realize.. “gee.. I’m kinda okay” or even “oh look. I’m happy”. I wish there was a better answer than “time” though sometimes.


    1. Me too but they say each bout of pain we go through teaches us something and we have to think, what did we learn. I did learn not to jump into another relationship too fast because I needed to get over my husband. It was a painful lesson and sometimes we learn better when it hurts. If fire didn’t hurt we would keep putting our hand in it!


    2. The memory of childbirth goes away quickly, if it didn’t we wouldn’t have more babies. this is how life is.


      1. this totally IS how life is. It had been a really long time since I’d had my heart broken, and I was lucky to have good support and a lot of experience knowing I could pick myself up when my husband and I fell apart. But yep.. the answer was time. The answer is time. And I can feel myself already rewriting some of that, telling myself it wasn’t that bad. How else would we ever risk it again? It takes a little bit of self delusion I think, to be vulnerable again.


  2. But you know I am wide open to love again. That was a totally different human being and a totally different relationship and I cannot fuse it to all men and all relationships. That would be like allowing men to say that all women are like me, no there are good people in this world and because I am a good person I will draw good people in my life. We all can!


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