A Mother to My Soul Mates


Have you ever thought, where is that Soul Mate everyone talks about? Or as my daughter said and my jaw dropped, “Kindred Spirit?” Oh yes, that is my enlightened girl!

It isn’t always someone who has to put his “you know what” in your “you know what”. It isn’t even have to be someone to lay down with at night or bring you your favorite truffles at Valentine’s Day.
As I spoke to my daughter last night, I realized I had never had to play any games with my love for her with her nor my son. I could tell her how my heart feels like it could burst from the love it has for her. There are no dumb rules I have to follow with my love for my kids, don’t show my love or they are going to run for the hills.  Be careful with the “L” word.  Oh my God, the more you tell your children that you love them, the sweeter your relationship feels.
You know we have issues when the book industry on how to make a man love us is a multi-million dollar industry.  Now go look in the How-To-Love-Your-Kids aisle…crickets.
I am told that your children can be your kindred spirits or soul mates. It makes so much sense from the intense burst of love that threatens to make my heart burst! Quick, think of your kids, I cold see the hearts floating from here.
Guess what I prayed to God… I thanked him for bringing my ex into my life because he gave me these two wonderful souls.  This person that I could not even think about in the past without wanting to jump on a horse with a steel armor suit and a sword and charge him piercing straight in the…. well you get my drift.  Thank you God because his love is … was a gift that gave me my soul mates.
I wouldn’t be experiencing this wisdom if I were not single…
But remember, our children are not our possession.



  1. vjalexander says:

    🙂 my kindred spirits are my pups. I’ve learned so much from them (unconditional love, patience) and talk about heart bursting with love. And I get to thank my ex for them LOL. My two pups have helped me thru so much heart ache and helped me keep getting out of bed (even if it was only long enough to walk and feed them) when I really didn’t want to.


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