How To Know It Is Time For Divorce!!


Some signs are just too clear! You know it is time to divorce:

1. He always take you out on road trips to really nice places far far away. It would be nice if he would give me money too. It took two days to hitchhike home the last time.

2. Not only is Forensic Files his favorite new show, you notice he is taking notes.

3. Sex suddenly gets really good, so good the neighbors are complaining about the noise, as you pull up after a long day at work.

4. He doesn’t expect you to have breakfast ready before work, but his girlfriend does.

5. He is so excited to finally be a daddy, but not as happy as his girlfriend.

(I made these up…can anyone add any to them?)


  1. reocochran says:

    When you count the condoms every night and one night 2 are missing. When you count the photos developed of 24 on film, only 22 are there.
    Girlfriend of husband used two condoms with him, he took 2 nude photos. (The 80’s.)


    1. Or when you open up your couch that turns into a bed and you find size 4X ripped up crusty underwear in the sheets. Did I mention I had just returned from flying across the state to go with mom as she had her baby AND I was 5 months pregnant…wow


      1. reocochran says:

        No, wow! Life has it’s strange, somewhat twisted ways. Maybe joyous!? 💞


        1. I’m waiting for the joyous part….


      2. reocochran says:

        Big Hugs! xo 😘


        1. don’t you hate when that happens


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