When Your Family Can’t Let Your Ex Go

6 thoughts on “When Your Family Can’t Let Your Ex Go”

  1. UGH! What a crappy situation for you to be in. I am so sorry that your family isn’t sensitive to your feelings. I wish I had something more helpful to say! You seem to be incredibly strong and I love reading how raw and open you are on your blog!

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    1. Aurelia, your words were what I needed today. I need to feel that I am not some monster because I can’t be around my ex, or want him around. I needed to hear this so much. Thank you sweetie!


    1. If they don’t, I feel a whole lot better reading your comment and the one before you. I just needed some kind of support. Sometimes the family is not what you need. Thank you so much for your comment.

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  2. Oh wow. I totally understand how you feel. When you have been so hurt by someone that you love, it is not easy being around them in any circumstance… much less a family get together. He loss that right when he no longer wanted you. Your family is wrong to inflict this pain on you. You need time to heal and this contact is not allowing you to do so. Your children are old enough that they should understand. Rejection and abandonment all inflict wounds to our souls and you need “no contact” to heal. He should get close to his new significant other’s family and leave yours alone. He made his choice.

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    1. You made me cry!!! Why can’t you be my family…lol. my son came over and wanted to know why I didn’t go to my nephews party. I said I was not invited. my ego tells me, ok they accept me not being around. My son is supportive, he is the only one. But I had two confirmations that I am not an overreative scorned woman. Bless u honey!


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