When Your Family Can’t Let Your Ex Go


It has been 2 ½ years since my husband asked me to move out and he wanted a divorce. I am fully aware that it is important to be civil to each other in front of the kids.

The Problem:

My kids want their father to be part of my family gatherings. What is worse is that my family also miss him and want him to be around. Everyone feels sorry for him because the only family he had is my family. His mother, father and brother died within the last 5 years.
Trying to Compromise

At the beginning, I agreed to invite my ex to Thanksgiving at my mother’s because my daughter broke down in tears. She felt bad that her father did not have his mother for the holidays. Fine! I let him come, but I was not happy at all.

When my dear friend’s daughter passed on, my daughter got upset because I did not want him there. Why would he want to go? He had went out with us a few times, but that this was my personal friend. But fine! I was really trying hard not to be the bitter scorned ex-wife, so I said o.k. My friends were cordial to him but asked me after, why would he show his face. They did not like him because of the way he dumped me.

Ironically another friend of mine passed away a few months later. This friend was his friend before mine so when I asked if he were going he said, “She wasn’t really my friend.” Hello! He knew this friend for over 25 years so what was the real reason he HAD to go to MY circle of friends?

Then my sister wanted him there for her baby shower when she was having her first baby. She said he was the only male figure growing up and really wanted him there. I was dealing with bad depression because I could not seem to get over him. I was mad at how he rejected me. But what really got to me was that my family didn’t seem to care how I was feeling, they missed him and felt it was time for me to get over it so he could be part of the family again.

The Situation Makes No Sense To Me!:

In the past it was like pulling teeth to get him to come to my family functions. Now that he dumped me, now he wanted to hang out all the time? I said he could come but the whole time at the baby shower I had this void in the pit of my stomach and was so close to tears the whole time. I did not enjoy my own sisters baby shower because all I could think about was he was paying no attention to me. My family sat round him like he was a celebrity.

Now he has a girlfriend and my family expects me to get over it already so he could be part of the activities. Right after I found out he had moved on I missed Thanksgiving at my sister-in-laws house because I knew he was going to be there.  I made it clear that it was him or me, my sister-in-law made it clear that he was invited and I was being immature.

Any Advice Out There?
So I ask to everyone out there, is there anyone else going through this? I want my children to have a good relationship with their father, but I don’t want to have any relationship with him anymore! I can understand when my kids get married or have kids, then of course I would not say I don’t want him there, but this is my family.

My Decision:

After many arguments with my children and my family and expressing that it hurts me to be around him, I surrender. I told my family that I am tired of being the bad guy, so I am pulling away and he could be there in my place. My daughter called me selfish.

So he decides to sever ties with me and move on and I am supposed to accept him with open arms or I am selfish. I am sorry I don’t have to accept someone who rejected me and be chummy with him.


Maybe in time but maybe I don’t ever have to be his friend and I will be damned if I am going to be miserable during my family gatherings so “he” won’t be lonely without a family. My thing is he should go with his girlfriend’s family and get close to them since that is who he chooses. He cares nothing about me so why would I care about him?

My family has no regard for my feelings. So my focus is going to be on me and doing what keeps me happy obviously my ex could care less about my feelings so it is not my job to let him screw around with other women and then come play house with my family. And if my family feels it is o.k., then obviously my family cares more about his feelings than mine so this is why I am deciding to pull away from my family.

This is a miserably sad time for me, but what else can I do.


  1. Aurelia says:

    UGH! What a crappy situation for you to be in. I am so sorry that your family isn’t sensitive to your feelings. I wish I had something more helpful to say! You seem to be incredibly strong and I love reading how raw and open you are on your blog!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aurelia, your words were what I needed today. I need to feel that I am not some monster because I can’t be around my ex, or want him around. I needed to hear this so much. Thank you sweetie!


  2. Wow..
    Very sad and you aren’t wrong in how you feel.. I hope your family sees the truth.. Rebuild your life until you don’t care where he is or what he’s doing..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If they don’t, I feel a whole lot better reading your comment and the one before you. I just needed some kind of support. Sometimes the family is not what you need. Thank you so much for your comment.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. secretangel says:

    Oh wow. I totally understand how you feel. When you have been so hurt by someone that you love, it is not easy being around them in any circumstance… much less a family get together. He loss that right when he no longer wanted you. Your family is wrong to inflict this pain on you. You need time to heal and this contact is not allowing you to do so. Your children are old enough that they should understand. Rejection and abandonment all inflict wounds to our souls and you need “no contact” to heal. He should get close to his new significant other’s family and leave yours alone. He made his choice.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You made me cry!!! Why can’t you be my family…lol. my son came over and wanted to know why I didn’t go to my nephews party. I said I was not invited. my ego tells me, ok they accept me not being around. My son is supportive, he is the only one. But I had two confirmations that I am not an overreative scorned woman. Bless u honey!


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