Signs You Are Getting Bitter! 

Now I am not going to say that I never get bitter, it is natural especially if you were the one that was left.  Watch yourself and if you start talking like this, YOU ARE OFFICIALLY GETTING BITTER!  Bitter alert, bitter alert! Don’t sound like this: “Did you see his new ho, she is hideous!”Continue reading “Signs You Are Getting Bitter! “

Movie Titles That Describe My Marriage, My Ex, and Sex…Ha!

I have compiled famous movie titles to describe my ex, my marriage and my sex life.  Because sometimes it feels good to laugh! Are they talking about a movie or my ex? Barfly (He was a fixture at Bobo’s the Bar) Bringing up the Baby (How many kids did I have?) Dr. Jekyll and Mr.Continue reading “Movie Titles That Describe My Marriage, My Ex, and Sex…Ha!”