I’m convinced that half the world is running around Bipolar yet undiagnosed.

When I proved to my husband’s girlfriend that he was cheating on her (you read right), I had to lock myself in my room because I was afraid of further abuse. I said, why are you angry, you said she was only a friend. He tried to kick the door down, screamed for my daughter saying I was off my meds. Everyone sided with him. My daughter grabbed my phone, like he told her, and wiped out everything…even irreplceable photos. Continue reading “”


Do You Tell A New Date You Have Depression?


To tell or not to tell, that is the question. If you suffer from Depression, Bipolar or other diseases of the mind, do you tell someone you want to date?

If so…

When is the right time to tell them? Before you date? On the first date? Or when you feel you know them better?

If not…

Is this deceiving them?

If the tables were turned, would you want to know?

Why do you feel you have to hide it from them?

This is a tough question, especially if you are dating with purpose. What is your criteria on if to or not to tell? Maybe you feel it is not their business, or is it because you fear rejection? So lets buy some time and date for awhile and see if you feel serious enough about this person to let him know such a personal side of you. So is it wrong to give it time so the other person starts to feel feelings and how dare you allow me to develop feelings for you only to find out you are mentally ill.

This is just an article to open your eyes to what people with a mental illness face when dating. I remember dating this guy and we both developed feelings. In the midst of telling her all the wonderful things he was doing and how happy I was, she asked, “Does he know you have Bipolar?”

I looked at her with hurt and disgust. “Mom, you think he would care? He said he loved me.” That night I told him, by the way I am Bipolar, not the bad kind. I get depressed.” Why didn’t I notice the silence after that. He said he had a migraine and had to go home. Ok, I did know he had migraines. Ok, he should go home and lay down, I thought.

A week went by, then a month…no call…didn’t answer MY calls. It died. He left me like my husband.

My last text to him was, I am the same person you fell in love with, I didn’t change…

you did. Thank you for helping me see the real you.



Just Make It One More Night


Sometimes the darkness in your mind

Sometimes the piercing in your heart

Sometimes it’s just much too much


Daydreams of eternal peace

Eternal rest

Free from grief

Free to breathe

Heaven signifies

That God’s arms

Become my home

For evermore


Stop Stop Stop


Don’t listen to the lies!


The Sun is a promise

that never fails

The warmth of the morn

is not far away


Sit with your pain

holding tight

just till dawn

when the Earth brings light


Your pain comes from you

your child within

were you not loved?

were you not nurtured?

or maybe not enough?


Listen to your pain

she weeps from your soul

cradle her softly


tell her she’s not alone



Hum her sweet melodies

just don’t let go

fast asleep in your own arms

both have sweet dreams


Gently you awaken

feeling warmth from within

you blink at at the suns glow

no darkness in site


you made it one more night


Some of us have voids in our soul

Maybe as a child our needs went unmet

Will you also ignore that child that’s you?

Will you tell her you have others things to do?

She needs you as she has all through the years

be the one to mother and nurture lovingly

hold her in your arms as she weeps all night

Remind her she never has to be alone anymore


watch and see…


You made it again…one more night…

Alone With My Thinking

pexels-photo-808711.jpegAlone with my thinking

darkness stretches all nightlong

This is how my evenings stretch

but I continue to be strong


My shell looks unscathed

in one solid piece with no flaws

but if my skin were transparent

the world would see it all


Crimson red from rips in my heart

tear ducts shriveled and parched

the quiet pain and torment

leaving my soul void and famished


Ask me how I’m doing

my eyes crinkle smiling large

“Fine, but how are you?”

relief depression shows no scars


Alone with thoughts

just another day

disguising I’m really ok

but inside I feel so far away





Break-ups and Depression

Screenshot_20170318-020137Separating from my husband made me face an ongoing issue I have struggled with since I can remember,I have depression. The kind of depression Robin Williams suffered from.

Going through a devastating challenge like realizing my husband was now in love with someone else, didn’t work great with this depression.

Life was never easy for me. I married an abusive man, raised my two children, went to work, lather, rinse repeat. Life became a routine. Yes, my severe battle with depression was bad, but I could smile and jest and fool the world. Well, except for my daughter who asked me one time if I could smile more as we were going to After School Night. She wanted me to not act like a robot.

I made it my mission to be much more fun with my children after she said that. I played more, read more stories, played pretend and just really tried hard to make it seem like I wasn’t hurting all the time.

Fast forward to several years ago. My husband of almost 30 years no longer wanted to be married to me, never loved me. In fact was in love with someone younger and fine I could live in the same house with him, but he made damn sure I knew that I better respect his wishes that it was over and reminded me he had a great new life to live and no, it didn’t include me. So I could stay at the house his mother left him as long as I didn’t start any problems with his new woman, and the ones he kept on the side. Did I mention that my kids are now adults didn’t need stories read to them at bedtime?

Up until four years ago, I never realized what a tough job it was just getting through life. My children may beg to differ, but there was no hiding from this thing called depression now.

My new journey in life is about starting over. The hard thing was how do you do that when there are days you can barely lift your head off the pillow.

This is my journey. My journey upwards that is.

No Matter

How You Feel

Get Up

Dress Up

Show Up

and never give up…

Depression Kills…Please Make This Viral


This is so hard to watch, many will turn it off immediately and think, how negative!  Consider it more negative if we continue to dismiss that suicide increases by leaps and bounds everyday.  Why is that when there are so many new pills out.  Shouldn’t these depressed people get over it by now.  Geez, aren’t we tired of their attention seeking Debbie Downer attitude.

And that my friend is the reason that that approximately 96 people take their own lives everyday.  This is especially from those who have suffered from depression for decades, like myself.  47 years of reaching out, takes its toll on those who have to listen, I know this. So the depressed, seeing people pull away from them, find themselves isolated and instead keep their dark thoughts to themselves. They have burdened every friend, family member and wow…they see they don’t feel better, in fact because of the isolation and loneliness… it is actually worse.

Medications are not the solution, trust me, they do not work for most of us. If one talks to those who survived depression they all answer the same thing. The medication doesn’t work but more so, there are so many loss of connection.

The stigma against people with any type of disease that is in our heads is making it so people stop reaching out. If you are like me and have suffered all your life, people get tired of hearing about it. Many times you hear, if you really wanted to do it, you would have done it. You are seen as an attention seeker and get to the point where you just stop reaching out and eventually you become so isolated that you begin the believe the lies your brain is telling you.

At the end of the video is a hotline if you or somebody you love suffers…please call. Suicide is not the solution and believe it or not there are people out there that care. Don’t let peoples ignorance or cruelty push you. Reach out…just never stop trying….


Special acknowledgement to Spoken Poet, Joyner Lucas in “I’m Sorry”. I never heard of him and not sure how I came across this, but wow! I was captivated. It is about time we have a person in the industry that isn’t just about Blow me ho! or Shake dat azz and such.  His music has a real message that we cannot continue to run from because it makes us uncomfortable.