I’m convinced that half the world is running around Bipolar yet undiagnosed.

When I proved to my husband’s girlfriend that he was cheating on her (you read right), I had to lock myself in my room because I was afraid of further abuse. I said, why are you angry, you said she was only a friend. He tried to kick the door down, screamed for my daughter saying I was off my meds. Everyone sided with him. My daughter grabbed my phone, like he told her, and wiped out everything…even irreplceable photos.

I started crying and he screamed through clenched teeth and veins pulsating from his forehead, see she is her meds, look how she is acting. He proceeded to call me a c**t, effing this, Sybil and I can’t remember what else.

I knew his girlfriend convinced her I was some crazy lying loony because she told me, you need to get a grip, see your doctor and take your meds.

Right after that incident my daughter stopped talking to me. She was about to get married and every role she gave me from decorating, being part of looking for venues…ended.

I was not even there as she chose her dress and it has been five months since her wedding and since she doesn’t speak to me, her husband made it clear that I have no rights to even see my only daughter’s wedding pictures. It’s intrusion to them.

We would have little family meetings to try to mend the relationship, more Promises of how I would be involved

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