Can I Be Amazing After 50?


Gotta Give it Away To Get It!! 3.11.13

AA has a motto, to help themselves to rid of their disease, they “Be of Service”. Meaning they help another suffering alcoholic. Helping another alcoholic helps them stay sober.

Well heck, guess what! The same lies true with us sad sack people. When we bring happiness to others, we bring happiness to ourselves. Bringing cheer to another human being will bring cheer to ourselves. I like that don’t you? Are you nodding?

“But how!”,  the audience yells!

So happy you asked!

First and foremost. If you are a sad sack like me, helping someone else that is down in the dumps takes the focus off me. See when we are depressed, we don’t mean to, but we become self-absorbed,…don’t get huffy now on me girl and let me finish. Depression keeps you in a tunnel and you see nothing but your misery…

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