A Mother to My Soul Mates

Starting Over After 50


Have you ever thought, where is that Soul Mate everyone talks about? Or as my daughter said and my jaw dropped, “Kindred Spirit?” Oh yes, that is my enlightened girl!

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The Support You Need is Out There…

I packed my bags, and jus started driving to destination unknown. I got mad, I have been a caterpillar way too long. It's time to break out of this cocoon that threatened to suffocate me. Time to do what feels uncomfortable, drive, venture out, and alone. Visions of me up in the mountains danced around … Continue reading The Support You Need is Out There…


Starting Over After 50


I was just told, in order to properly heal, I have to mourn the end of one relationship before starting a new one. One step further, for up to six months!

The concept of being alone is this to “find myself”. What exactly am I finding? What does this mean? Am I on the back of a milk carton reported missing? Because last time I checked, I never left.

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Starting Over After 50


Oh the webs we weave, ok! My quest for love continues. It is a journey that I continue to climb the highest mountain in pursuit of.

The mountain I left didn’t have it, my husband. I climbed it all the way to the top. Oh, what a jagged, rocky high mountain it was. Full of peaks and loose rocks. So many times I lost my footage, but I continued my climb. I was sure that I would find what I was looking for.  If I pushed forward and could just reach the top.  But two peaks up, and I would fall three peaks down.

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