9/11 May We Never Forget…The Unity That Came After

160531_EM_flagsAfter 9/11 we did not shrink

they thought they would punk us

get us to retreat and hide

thought we would stop flying

and never go outside

instead we hung our flags out

and let them wave freely

We were told to be brave

We grieved and rebuilded

Evil did not win…we did

We were not Republicans

We forgot we were Liberals

Instead we became united

We are Americans

We were not built by fear

seventeen years later

a small child is sobbing

ripped from his mother

these brown skinned monsters

they rape they kill

ahhhh we feel safe now

cage them up

build that wall

Lord Save Us From them

Have you seen them pick fruit

so dangerous to us all

Our president fears these small brown


more than a category 4 hurricane

why else did he take millions

to build more cages and walls

taken from FEMA

as hurricane season

is creeping up this Fall







  1. Beautifully written


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