What Depression Has Taken From Me

Depression, thank you very much for invading my life and just taking it over. You are like a mobster that breaks in a house and just starts ripping everything you find. You flip over couches, spray paint over any beautiful paintings you see, break all the beautiful china wear you find.

Depression you have robbed me of any motivation to be the best me because of you there is nothing best about me in fact thank you for making me loathe my very existence.

You have taken my daughter from me, she wants nothing to do with someone who isn’t good in her life. I love that girl dearly but to her I am nothing but scum.

You have robbed me from love, when you can’t love yourself, nobody can love you either.

You have robbed me of joy, laughter, friendships as I isolate and hide in my bed for days.

I have nothing to give to this Earth because I am nothing and I wish this depression would leave me now. I am 50, can I have some joy for the remainder of my life?

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