Getting Back Out There: Online Dating/Seabound Swedish

Seabound Sweden turned out to be very kind, very gentle. He spoke of a son that was in boarding school. He was a widower and he was 400 miles off the shores of America. Hmmmm. I asked if that was like straight out or down like by Mexico or exactly where was it, he answered with a disdain that I should be appeased by his answer of, “No dear, 400 nautical miles!”, uhhh, ok…soooo. Yeah, I had no idea, was that Mexico?
Now I am going to give each man trust, until he gives me reason to NOT trust him. So maybe I can’t meet him for several months because he is a contractor and needs to finish up his term.

Oh, did I mention that after two weeks of only texting (he has terrible reception) he wanted me to get off the dating website so we could get to know each other exclusively. Sure why not. Nobody can ever say I am not one to give love a chance, even though he was out far out in the sea.

So we continued to speak via text everyday and everyday as he asked me my dreams, what makes me cry, what makes me laugh out loud, what makes me fill with joy, do I believe in love at first sight, can I be will I be his love till I die…yeah deep stuff like that. But hey, I am keeping that criticism “in” my head. I” had to admit I always had a bad “chooser” and ended up with unavailable jerks, maybe he was a dorky love bug like I have been dreaming of…right?

Of course I would never say that stuff back because I would have straight out pee’d my pants from laughing so hard, it was silly and weird but dorks need love too. I may have another Bill Gates eating out of the palm of my hands and it’s just a matter of time before I am having brunch with Chris Kardashian, ya never know.

Okay, so I go to Vegas and start feeling a little sassy with my friend because I am actually reading every text he sends me to her and I guess I can’t just leave them in the drawer as my little weird secret, naw, it’s out it’s exposed in the air and sure as heck, my friend agree’s, this guy is a nut job. He can’t be real. We have to make him prove it. So I tell him that I am going to send him my work badge and he needs to make me feel secure and do the same for me. An hour later I get a thing that looks like it was a bad photoshop job and superintendent is spelled wrong. I got my work badge and placed it next to my face and did a selfie so you could see my face and card and sent it to him, and I said do the same. I want to see your card next to your face.

He got back to me angrily and said he doesn’t have time to be playing my games…BLOCK!!! And boy let me tell you it was a big sigh of relief because I felt I knew he was not real, but I wasn’t sure. Gee does this mean I need to be single for a while more…

Well, more to come…stay tuned…the fish I let STAY OUT AT SEA


Author: Catalina Zamora

I am struggling but I am doing it. I started this blog to help myself because I was falling apart and still do sometimes but...hey what doesn't kill us makes us stronger!

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