My Ex and I Are Going To Be Grandparents!

My Ex and I are Co-Grandarenting

There was a time when I refused to attend my family’s Thanksgiving Dinner because I found out that my ex was going. Can you believe it? That was my blood family! It wasn’t my fault that his parents and only brother died, he is the one who wanted to end the marriage so my family and I were a package deal. You can’t have my family and not take me.

The way my sister-in-law said, he has been in the family for 30 years and she thought she didn’t want to be put in the middle so she was just going to invite everyone and it was up to the individuals to decide if they wanted to come. Oh, I was hot, I was pissed, I could bite through nails. Ha! That was the only thing I could have sunk my teeth into because I had no food that day, I stayed in my apartment and sulked and went to bed early.

Well that was then. I remember being a child and having to be made to choose between going with my mom and dad and they were both right there staring at us and would ask who did we want to go with. Talk about giving an elementary kid anxiety from undue pressure.  I wanted my kids to have it different.

Several months ago I was given the miracle news that I am going to be a grandma. My grandest dreams have come true. Nobody loves kids and babies like I do. I want the best for this little girl that is coming into the world, I want things to be cool for my adult kids too.

So yesterday for my sons’ baby shower, my ex and I showed up together, we hung out for like seconds at some parts. We left together…not together together…no he went to his girlfriends after he dropped me off and yeah I thought how stupid is he having to run to his girlfriend like a p****y-whipped little boy, or he will get in trouble, it was nice to feel somewhat at peace with him.

Don’t get me wrong, he still rubs me the wrong way, damn does he have to yell at cars like they hear him…road rage…all is well.  I am acting like a big girl and co-grandparenting is gonna be just swell….

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