You Begin a New Life, Till You Close the Book on your Old Life

If you are unhappy with your life… heck even your very existence, why don’t you stop complaining and change it. You are the writer of your story.

But my book is written, girl meets boy, it’s love at first sight, you kiss and kapow! Fireworks shoot off into the sky filling every crevice of Earth space with the most intense energy, that is until your first night together…oh yes this is the man you will get old with.

Then one day you find yourself in a beautiful house with a beautiful spouse and you say, “My God, how did I get here!”

Talking Heads

That book on the mantel with the beautiful endings, sunsets into forever gone land. So you carefully tear out the last pages and you get on your computer and write your new end to your new life. Don’t think of it as better, worse…just different with new lessons.

It is over five years and I have been holding onto the idea, but how can I move on, I still love him. I think? I don’t know? I realize I will love him always, but that does not mean I let that keep me stuck.

Thus, here I sit on my laptop with my head buzzing with ideas on how do I want my new life to look like. Hold on, I tell myself. First I must realize, it is time to see my life with him had moved on. Accept.

Where is that reset button?

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