“Not-Your-Average” Self-Help/Feel Good Blog 

If you are looking for a site by a credentialed therapist, author and expert on divorce, break-up’s on being  able to break up amicably, parent perfectly and is now a billionaire and has testimony on how perfect life is and divorce is the best thing she could have done. Well dear, you came to the wrong place.

Instead you have come to a blog of someone who is on a rollercoaster of healing. I have cussed him out in front of my kids…I know I suck huh! I have groveled when I should have carried myself with dignity.

But guess what, I am a real person. I am eccentric, immature, too fun, too emotional and someone who was dumped in the worst possible way and no I am not over it four years later. I haven’t even started the divorce process because of my melt downs. This is the blog to follow if you are like me, keep making darn same mistakes!

Sometimes we have to pick ourselves up off the floor and dust ourselves off..and with one foot in front of the other, start-up that path. A new path. It is scarier than anyone can imagine but what else is there to do. At 50ish, I have to learn to take care of myself, by myself and be ok.  If you read my blogs, you will see why I call my journey a rollercoaster, one day, “I am She-Woman hear me roar”, and the next day I may be flat on the floor saying “Wah Wah, I can’t get off the floor!”

Visit my site often, follow me, give advice, take advise…sit down, put up your feet…stay awhile, sometimes when we have someone by our side, things just don’t seem as hard.

So glad you came….


  1. Worse things could happen, I mean look around, count your blessings.
    There are plenty of men out here, looking for a pretty girl like you. So what’s the problem?
    And really, you’re still young, 52, wow, that’s young! I mean, no, no, I won’t tell how I am.


  2. I like your candor about your experience. Kudos to people who can respond to life from the perspective of a spiritually enlightened bubble but I’d prefer your level of authenticity any day.

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  3. How about them damn eye crinkles, sagging jawline and turkey neck? I hit double nickels and hmmm…where did 20…30..and even 40 go? Plug along, it’s all we can do. Good luck to you my dear! You got the right attitude! And hey, thanks for visiting my blog. 😀

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