Killer, “Are You Still Single?” Comebacks!

Yay, the holidays are coming! Can hardly wait to sit around that family table, when all attention spotlights on you and that infamous question comes, "Are you still single?" Really? Amongst the sea of coupled up cousins and siblings, there you sit...ALONE! Ugh no more. I have compiled a list of comebacks that will move … Continue reading Killer, “Are You Still Single?” Comebacks!

Watching Life Go By As a Depressed Mother

My daughter wanted me by her side every moment of her free time. We were thr best of I thought. She was proud of all the things I've went through in life because I did it being a depressed person...that was then. We had each others backs and were each others biggest cheerleaders...when did … Continue reading Watching Life Go By As a Depressed Mother

Good Night Depression

Another day with this dark weight on my very existence. I barely got out of bed at 3 pm and now as the clock inches to nightfall, my bed calls me. If promises me comfort in an otherwise dark world that has given up on me. Sleep offers an escape from pain from loneliness. So … Continue reading Good Night Depression

What Depression Has Taken From Me

Depression, thank you very much for invading my life and just taking it over. You are like a mobster that breaks in a house and just starts ripping everything you find. You flip over couches, spray paint over any beautiful paintings you see, break all the beautiful china wear you find. Depression you have robbed … Continue reading What Depression Has Taken From Me

I Am A Mother With Depression

If there would be a law, should it be parenting with depression is prohibited? A child looks at their parents for modeling, for motivation. They have prohibited gay people from adopting, yet wouldn't two loving happy people parent better than a mother who often could not get out of bed, who couldn't find the energy … Continue reading I Am A Mother With Depression

When He Moves On And You Are Still Alone

  Which one is it? Why don't I want to date? I say it is because I am taking time I say there is nobody out there I say I don't care that he has moved on but the knot in my stomach knows so I'm at the point where I should be dating I'm … Continue reading When He Moves On And You Are Still Alone

9/11 May We Never Forget…The Unity That Came After

After 9/11 we did not shrink they thought they would punk us get us to retreat and hide thought we would stop flying and never go outside instead we hung our flags out and let them wave freely We were told to be brave We grieved and rebuilded Evil did not win...we did We were … Continue reading 9/11 May We Never Forget…The Unity That Came After

Is There Such A Thing As Being Single Too Long?

Decades ago, it was unheard of to not have a husband. They used to call you "Spinster". Nowadays, the trend seems to be, "You don't need a man to be complete." What changed? Women becoming independent and self-supporting has something to do with it. More imortantly women realizing they don't need to put up "with … Continue reading Is There Such A Thing As Being Single Too Long?

Quick Guide To Mexican Cheese

Have you ever thought about getting real ethnic and make a traditional Mexican meal and then you get to the Mexican cheese section and your head starts spinning; Queso Fresco, Panela, Oaxaca, Cotijo… You just figured out cheese food is not real cheese now you encounter this? Not to worry, this Latina is going to … Continue reading Quick Guide To Mexican Cheese


Starting Over After 50



What the hell have I been whining about. It has been like two or three weeks that I have been on my pity potty whining like a one year old who lost her pacifier.

“I’m lonely!”

“I’m afraid of the dark!”

“It’s dark, somebody hold me!”

Come on what am I three? Maybe I need to stop wearing my Sponge Bob jammies with the feet in them and start wearing my see through black lacy teddy and start strutting my stuff through my apartment and act like a big girl! Ok at least just some flannels.

Today is the day that I stomp my feather high heel slipper on the floor and say enough is enough! No more I’m lonely blogs! No more dragging my poor Happy Princess 26 year old daughter and holding her hostage to save “mommy” and watch the Voice…

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