A Date? Does That Mean I Have To Brush My Hair?

Are you one of those people where it shows that you have been single for too long. Quick run to a mirror and tell me what you see. I did just that, and I thought, what if someone dashing prince in shining armor showed up at my door and said, “Darling, jump on my stallionContinue reading “A Date? Does That Mean I Have To Brush My Hair?”

14 Logical Ways to Know You May Be Dating Mr. Right!

To find a good man we need to think about what we want in a man.  The traits I accumulated are key to finding a great guy.   No more settling.  No more Mr. Losers for us.  Because we are perfect women and this time around we want a man who is going to beContinue reading “14 Logical Ways to Know You May Be Dating Mr. Right!”

Why Dating Right After A Break-Up Is All Bad!

Divorce is easy…so I thought!   Didn’t even hurt..so I thought!   I thought I was the divorce guru.  My hubby of almost 30 YEARS dumped me.  Know what happened to me? I grabbed me a new boyfriend in Vegas and life was all about finding cute clothes and keeping in shape. Every three weeksContinue reading “Why Dating Right After A Break-Up Is All Bad!”


“WANTED…A PRINCE, FOR A PRINCESS…” I watched this movie called Labor Day and it is about a wife who got left by her husband because she was in love with love, her heads were in the clouds about love.  She wanted to dance and be held and feel alive with a man but later onContinue reading “WANTED…A PRINCE….FOR A PRINCESS!!! TRUE STORY!!!”


  Oh the webs we weave, ok! My quest for love continues. It is a journey that I continue to climb the highest mountain in pursuit of. The mountain I left didn’t have it, my husband. I climbed it all the way to the top. Oh, what a jagged, rocky high mountain it was. FullContinue reading “CLIMBING FOR LOVE…”


I was just told, in order to properly heal, I have to mourn the end of one relationship before starting a new one. One step further, for up to six months! The concept of being alone is this to “find myself”. What exactly am I finding? What does this mean? Am I on the backContinue reading “TEACH ME HOW TO BE SINGLE!”


I DON’T KNOW HOW TO BE SINGLE!!! Here I go again. What’s the matta with you! Like an Italian mama would scold! I have not even ended my marriage and here I am starting a new relationship and wondering why it isn’t going fast enough for me! Aye dios mio! Ok now we have aContinue reading “I DON’T KNOW HOW TO BE SINGLE!!!!”