You Make Me Feel Stupid When You Act So Gaga Over Her

Trust me, I realize i resonate with the word “broken record”. I try to brush it off but when I see my ex jump around running for his phone, dash out the door and answer to his girlfriends every whim…grrr it goes through me. How does one not feel inferior when you see that yourContinue reading “You Make Me Feel Stupid When You Act So Gaga Over Her”

When He Moves On And You Are Still Alone

  Which one is it? Why don’t I want to date? I say it is because I am taking time I say there is nobody out there I say I don’t care that he has moved on but the knot in my stomach knows so I’m at the point where I should be dating I’mContinue reading “When He Moves On And You Are Still Alone”

Accepting He Is Divorcing Me and Has Moved On

My blogs have stopped because I felt I was unworthy of giving empowering words. Things were easy when I thought he was missing me and oh well I have a boyfriend who shows me attention. Life is great, I’m great and this divorce thing is a piece of cake… Then I kept getting dumped andContinue reading “Accepting He Is Divorcing Me and Has Moved On”


I can be on the treadmill and close my eyes and reach a point of stillness, of silence and drown out the clinging of the weights, the booming of the music.  A place of peace and serenity. A place I never have been before. A year and a half ago I was forced out of theContinue reading “PEACE OF MIND…PEACE IN YOUR HEART”


  What does it mean that I miss you I don’t want you back I don’t want you as mine   But I miss you to talk to And the exchange of our words   A funny thing happened So I picked up the phone   Then I remembered I hated you And put downContinue reading “BECOMING FRIENDS WITH MY EX AGAIN”

I Wished My Husband Well With His New Woman!!

Today is a new day!. Day before yesterday I walked into my exes house to find that I have been replaced now with a younger more beautiful woman and I turned around embarrassed, and broke down. Two days later I woke up this morning and realized I had a nightmare about him and his beautifulContinue reading “I Wished My Husband Well With His New Woman!!”


I will keep this short and I will keep it…well it can’t be sweet because I am not feeling so sweet. I started this blog to show how empowered I was because a year ago I moved out on my own with my daughter from a 29 year marriage. It was a chance for theContinue reading “OMG!!! THERE IS A WOMAN WITH MY HUSBAND!!”


MY HEART ACHED FOR MY HUSBAND Today I had a heavy heart. It was for my husband. You see I have a gift that I like to call intuition, some people call me bruja, some people call me gifted, others see it as going against God because you shouldn’t see what the future brings. HeyContinue reading “MY HEART ACHED FOR MY HUSBAND….”


I CHOOSE TO STOP HATING MY HUSBAND! As I look back at my blogs, they are kinda bashing on my ex aren’t they. But that is ok, because he really was not a nice person to me. Why is it that everyone that knows him thinks he is the nicest person in the world? CouldContinue reading “I CHOOSE TO STOP HATING MY HUSBAND!”