Men Suck the Life Out of Me!! 3.11.13
Here we go again, another depressing moment. We are feeling blue. What did that man do or not do. We just don’t feel like doing anything do we?

When our face is down in the mud and the worms are crawling around our head, mud packed so heavy on our lids, it is real hard to see the sunlight isn’t it? When mud is wet, it can be really heavy and when we don’t feel like it, it is easier just to lay there in the warmth of the mud. I guess it is kinda warm. Isn’t that why pigs lie in it?

Now a few hundred yards away is a water hose, you could rinse off that mud, but man, that water is gonna be awful cold, man it is gonna be real uncomfortable.

Naw too cold, gonna just lay in the warm mud, comfy like a hog.

Think of happiness as the sun, it is out there. Can you see it, doyou want it? Not enough. You don’t want to get out of your comfort zone…huh Pigpen! Get yo lazy azz outta that dirty mud and walk over to that cold water, freeze yo butt off and clean that stuff outta your eyes so you can see the sun, be warmed and dried by the sun. It takes effort. You have to choose to have to do something sometimes you don’t want to and there is discomfort at times too, but at the end…ahhh I can see clearly now ….

You have to choose to be happy. You have to make up your mind this is what you want
Happiness is not about cars, men, marriage, boats, jobs, it is about your attitude!

So man, no man…you can be sad worried and at the same time in your hear have an attitude of contentment and happiness with this world and you because you know in the end everything in the world is right.

Put your hear, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success. This is a quote from some guy named Swami Sivananda…Now we know when men with the name of Swami say ANYTHING we best believe it is true. He is saying put your all into it and we can make anything happen so get it girl!!!

No man can take anything from us, not out spirit, not our will to go on, not our not our happiness, nothing, he can’t touch us, we are stronger than we think we are…sticks and stones…



Music for the Tortured Soul 3.5.13

Be careful what you listen to when your heart is breaking!! Music…it will make you or break you! You heard the saying tears in your beers. Cowboy sits in the bar listening to his song about an old long lost cowgirl whose boots were made for walking and she done walked away from him and he done sits is not a typo..he sits thar guzzling his beer full of tears.

You know what you can’t listen to, me. Could not hear Adele. Oh hell no, what she say something about just coming to check up on him, hoping he is ok, hoping the best for him, hoping the best for him and his new love??? You dumped me but I hope you are and your new love are ok???? HELL NO!!

Know why? Because like Adele said, for me it wasn’t over. It hurt, it cut through me to hear any of her music. I couldn’t hear anything that he listened to, I couldn’t listen to anything that he had dedicated to me. It seemed like it had been a lie to me. So was it that I could not listen to anything? Seems like it!

A good friend of mine refered me to spiritual music. That truly was uplifting. Oldies were out because good ol’ Diana Ross, man she was always singing about how she knew he was cheating on her but she didn’t care she loved him anyways. Why does all music have to do with LOVE!!! Country music is about broken hearts, blues…well doesn’t take a rocket scientist…about feeling blue. We can listen to bang your head music. I think everyone is just really pissed off! Not really pretty to listen to but not too sad.

Just be careful what you listen to, DON’T TORTURE YOURSELF SITTING THERE HAND ON CHEEK TEARS ROLLING DOWN FACE REMINISICNG ON OLD SONGS! CHANGE THE DAMN STATION IF A SONG THAT HITS A CORD COMES ON!!! Uh yeah I have been in a car with a friend and reached over and changed a song and said, sorry do you mind, this really brings back bad memories, thank you for understanding. They did.

Listen to bee bop music, sock hop type music. You know bubble gum popping music. Madonna, 80’s music wasn’t much about love but more about dancing and disco. My two most inspiring songs that I swear my Angels put in my life to make me stronger were Stronger by Kelly Clarkson and Wide Awake by Katy Perry. Youtube them and watch the music video especially to Wide Awake….I always liken myself to the Butterfly… transforming into a stronger woman. As Kelly Clarkson says…What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, stand a little taller…Oh Yeah!

Happy Tunes ladies!!!