Pray For Valor

Dear Lord, teach me to be stronger Show me how to say THAT’S ENOUGH! Envelop me with your courage But keep the love in my heart Help me appreciate this life There’s so much to be grateful for Let the past be the past Regrets are like apologies meaningless and unheard Allow me to walkContinue reading “Pray For Valor”

Lonely Nights Are a Bore

What is wrong with me at night, I can’t find my comfort place I roll this way, I roll that way and wake up all night long Ahh! I get up and move my whole bedroom furniture around My bed placed right up against the wall I fall asleep instantly, my back against the wallContinue reading “Lonely Nights Are a Bore”

Is This My Life, 50ish and Alone

It is four a.m. and I sit here in my cute sweet condo. My room is decorated in Victorian style, I have a zen patio. I have a wonderful job that I have held for 28-years. I have two grown beautiful children who are hard-working, I have a 20-month old grand baby that has aContinue reading “Is This My Life, 50ish and Alone”

The Day My Momma Left Me

Sunday, …………, my long  time friend and I were chatting up a storm as we got out mani-pedi’s.  It had been a full day, lunch at Olive Garden, coffee and 7-11, and now this wonderful treatment. We were chatting to the owner, we all shared stories of our mothers. Yes, our mother’s were  fresh onContinue reading “The Day My Momma Left Me”

My Mother Came to Me Last Night

Tomorrow marks one week that my mother was taken from my life yet I was not prepared for her to come to me. I cried out into the night, “Momma!” I wailed her name over and over so hard my entire body shook. When I stopped I was told that my mothers love is reachingContinue reading “My Mother Came to Me Last Night”

You Begin a New Life, Till You Close the Book on your Old Life

If you are unhappy with your life… heck even your very existence, why don’t you stop complaining and change it. You are the writer of your story. But my book is written, girl meets boy, it’s love at first sight, you kiss and kapow! Fireworks shoot off into the sky filling every crevice of EarthContinue reading “You Begin a New Life, Till You Close the Book on your Old Life”

My Ex and I Are Going To Be Grandparents!

There was a time when I refused to attend my family’s Thanksgiving Dinner because I found out that my ex was going. Can you believe it? That was my blood family! It wasn’t my fault that his parents and only brother died, he is the one who wanted to end the marriage so my familyContinue reading “My Ex and I Are Going To Be Grandparents!”

Worst Question I Could’ve Asked My Ex

Once you click “send”, it’s too late…it is gone and you cant take it back. Tonight after 6 years apart I sent him a text, “Are you over me forever?” The question hung out in that cyber air, floating like a wayward deflating balloon a day too old. Not quite enough helium to make itContinue reading “Worst Question I Could’ve Asked My Ex”

Killer, “Are You Still Single?” Comebacks!

Yay, the holidays are coming! Can hardly wait to sit around that family table, when all attention spotlights on you and that infamous question comes, “Are you still single?” Really? Amongst the sea of coupled up cousins and siblings, there you sit…ALONE! Ugh no more. I have compiled a list of comebacks that will moveContinue reading “Killer, “Are You Still Single?” Comebacks!”