Is There Such A Thing As Being Single Too Long?

cartoon-costume-cuddly-toy-4142Decades ago, it was unheard of to not have a husband. They used to call you “Spinster”. Nowadays, the trend seems to be, “You don’t need a man to be complete.” What changed?

Women becoming independent and self-supporting has something to do with it. More imortantly women realizing they don’t need to put up “with his shit”, like the June Cleavors of the old day’s.

I can remember after the end of the first relationship I had after my husband, I was given the advice to stay single for six months to learn to be alone. WHAT! IMPOSSIBLE! WHO WILL WASH MY BACK? WHO WILL OPEN MY JARS? SEX! DON’T I NEED SEX? SORRY BUT ME AND PLASTIC…IT IS JUST NOT HAPPENING!

It’s been almost five years of being single, and what concerns me is, how did six months turn into five years. I tell myself there are no quality single men. What is quality?

* Have a decent job

* Have a home

* A bike isn’t their main source of transportation.

* Kind

* Fun

* Faithful

* Appealing to me

Then the question becomes, why don’t I give men the chance when that do have those qualities and pursue me?

Have I lost my mojo because maybe I have been single too long? Have I lost faith in men in general? Do I feel worthy and believe a quality man could stay happy with me?

I look in the mirror and in those five years noticed I have crossed the bridge and am in the category of “older woman”. The pickens are definately getting slimmer. Maybe I have got too comfortable being alone. At the same time, I miss that connection with another human being…

Am I staying single because it is safer. Safe from getting hurt, rejected…




Starting Over After 50



What the hell have I been whining about. It has been like two or three weeks that I have been on my pity potty whining like a one year old who lost her pacifier.

“I’m lonely!”

“I’m afraid of the dark!”

“It’s dark, somebody hold me!”

Come on what am I three? Maybe I need to stop wearing my Sponge Bob jammies with the feet in them and start wearing my see through black lacy teddy and start strutting my stuff through my apartment and act like a big girl! Ok at least just some flannels.

Today is the day that I stomp my feather high heel slipper on the floor and say enough is enough! No more I’m lonely blogs! No more dragging my poor Happy Princess 26 year old daughter and holding her hostage to save “mommy” and watch the Voice…

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The Support You Need is Out There…

driving away

I packed my bags, and jus started driving to destination unknown. I got mad, I have been a caterpillar way too long. It’s time to break out of this cocoon that threatened to suffocate me. Time to do what feels uncomfortable, drive, venture out, and alone.

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