Jealousy or Ugly Art? 3.1.13 My daughter brings in this wall size portrait of a mermaid, did I mention it is as big as a wall, and it is the color of mint and pepto bismo and sponge bob square pants but it’s as big as the whole wall and it is for our living … Continue reading JEALOUSY OR UGLY ART????



How My Friends Helped Pull Me Through 3.1.13 Got to have your friends…Lets us talk about our friends here. Let me talk about your friends. Let me talk about my friends. Your friends, my friends, the friends out there waiting to be found are a girl’s best friend. Diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend, best … Continue reading HOW MY FRIENDS HELP ME THROUGH!!

Was it a Happy Valentines Day?

Was it a Happy Valentines Day?! 2.14.13 Who invented this day…yeah yeah I know there is actually history about this day, some guy wrote some letter blah blah in the old days blah blah. But come on you know some young entrepreneur – go getter – at Hallmark Cards said AHHA ANOTHER DAY TO MAKE … Continue reading Was it a Happy Valentines Day?