AS LONELINESS SUBSIDES I can remember the days of sitting at home. My life went into a stand still. My friends went here and there and I stayed home waiting because what if just what if my husband would take time off his self-centered life that was all about drinking, surfing and his friends and … Continue reading AS LONELINESS SUBSIDES…


HOLIDAYS WITHOUT YOUR SPOUSE No, no don’t panic! Christmas isn’t coming. But we do have Mother’s and Father’s Days coming. Hmmm. I bring this up because I said something about Father’s day to my daughter and she shot me this look as if I told her I was about to marry an ape, the discust … Continue reading HOLIDAYS WITHOUT YOUR SPOUSE….


FEELING BEAUTIFUL AGAIN!!! Being on the dumpee side…I think it is important to try to make myself look and feel beautiful…let’s look at what we as women can do to always take care of us superficially…yes I said the taboo word…SUPERFICIALLY!!! They say beauty is skin deep, you are more beautiful on the inside, well … Continue reading FEELING BEAUTIFUL AGAIN!!!


WAKE UP INNER GODDESS!!! Let’s talk about something a little taboo shall we? Let’s get a little naughty shall we? Shall we pretend we are bad little kids huddled in a fort with our curiosity going a little on the wild side and let the topic go off a little tiny bit sexy…not raunchy…not obscene…just … Continue reading WAKE UP INNER GODDESS!!!!