Break-ups and Depression

Separating from my husband made me face an ongoing issue I have struggled with since I can remember,I have depression. The kind of depression Robin Williams suffered from. Going through a devastating challenge like realizing my husband was now in love with someone else, didn’t work great with this depression. Life was never easy forContinue reading “Break-ups and Depression”

Depression Kills…Please Make This Viral

  This is so hard to watch, many will turn it off immediately and think, how negative!  Consider it more negative if we continue to dismiss that suicide increases by leaps and bounds everyday.  Why is that when there are so many new pills out.  Shouldn’t these depressed people get over it by now.  Geez,Continue reading “Depression Kills…Please Make This Viral”


DOWN IN THE DUMPS 10.23.18 How many of you can relate? After being dumped, going through a divorce, separated, maybe you just decided it wasn’t working out, but hey when you and your man go your separate ways it hurts, but then comes a holiday…where are the people who say they love me? You seeContinue reading “DOWN IN THE DUMPS!!!”