I’m Renting a Room At My Ex’s Home!

Believe it!  I last left off blogging about my depression because for three years I have rent rooms, going back to mom’s.  I have been here and there and even stayed random nights at friends houses.  How I longed for that feeling you get after a long day at work and you just kick offContinue reading “I’m Renting a Room At My Ex’s Home!”


BE HAPPY WITHOUT HIM Have you ever thought that maybe you are not happy with your life after divorce/separation because you don’t want to be?  Now, now, before you start sending me “hate” replies, keep reading so I can explain.  I watched this documentary on happiness and they showed this family that lived in SouthContinue reading “BE HAPPY WITHOUT HIM”

Healing From A Divorce

Healing From a Divorce I picked up a book called…well maybe I shouldn’t blast the name of the book since I don’t want those two crazy …yes crazy…authors coming after me. I wouldn’t even line the bottom of a bird-cage for birds to poop on. I take it back, I do want birds to poopContinue reading “Healing From A Divorce”


HOME ALONE!!! By far the hardest challenge you will face with divorce will be the loneliness. I felt I lost my purpose, there was nobody to go home to after work, cook for, talk to, “Hey how was your day”. Nobody to sit and watch television with. But mostly there was nobody to lay downContinue reading “HOME ALONE!!!”


SCREAM THE TRUTH TILL IT DOESN’T HURT Suppose your man left you for another woman. Suppose it hurts you to the core. Or maybe he just left you and you are still hurting. Whatever the reason, you are hurting and you want it to stop already. What are we supposed to do to get overContinue reading “SCREAM THE TRUTH…”


MY HEART ACHED FOR MY HUSBAND Today I had a heavy heart. It was for my husband. You see I have a gift that I like to call intuition, some people call me bruja, some people call me gifted, others see it as going against God because you shouldn’t see what the future brings. HeyContinue reading “MY HEART ACHED FOR MY HUSBAND….”


I CHOOSE TO STOP HATING MY HUSBAND! As I look back at my blogs, they are kinda bashing on my ex aren’t they. But that is ok, because he really was not a nice person to me. Why is it that everyone that knows him thinks he is the nicest person in the world? CouldContinue reading “I CHOOSE TO STOP HATING MY HUSBAND!”


PRAY THE PAIN AWAY It’s ok for your heart to ache sometimes This is part of the grieving process Without pain how could we compare joy So I sit here with this pain and I let it settle And I don’t think of it as the end of the world Instead it is just aContinue reading “PRAY MY PAIN AWAY…”


THIS LOVE OF MINE… The beauty of me is my loving heart There is nothing stronger about me My love is so powerful and so pure I care to the depths of my soul God gave me such an incredible gift Just approach me and you will be pulled in If asked, this is myContinue reading “THIS LOVE OF MINE…”


FATHER’S DAY DOESN’T INCLUDE ME ANYMORE… It was Father’s Day. I didn’t like it. I felt left out. I felt prepared and everything. I mean come on it isn’t like my ex is “my” father or anything. Not to mention I had the best Mother’s Day ever. I knew it was coming too because theContinue reading “FATHER’S DAY DOESN’T INCLUDE ME ANYMORE…”