HOLIDAYS WITHOUT YOUR SPOUSE No, no don’t panic! Christmas isn’t coming. But we do have Mother’s and Father’s Days coming. Hmmm. I bring this up because I said something about Father’s day to my daughter and she shot me this look as if I told her I was about to marry an ape, the discustContinue reading “HOLIDAYS WITHOUT YOUR SPOUSE….”


FEELING BEAUTIFUL AGAIN!!! Being on the dumpee side…I think it is important to try to make myself look and feel beautiful…let’s look at what we as women can do to always take care of us superficially…yes I said the taboo word…SUPERFICIALLY!!! They say beauty is skin deep, you are more beautiful on the inside, wellContinue reading “FEELING BEAUTIFUL AGAIN!!!”


BROKEN IN LOVE I don’t feel secure…Is it you or is it me….I don’t know I have been hurt so much in the past I don’t know how this goes Maybe I moved too fast from one man to the next I feel sad…I don’t think I should feel like this am I Am IContinue reading “BROKEN IN LOVE”


STOP YOUR WHINING!!!!! Ok I have to blast someone who was at my divorce support class. This lady was there before and she said the same think she said last time…ok let me give you an example: I am so unhappy with him! Why don’t you leave, isn’t this why you are in divorce support?Continue reading “STOP YOUR WHINING!!!”


WAKE UP INNER GODDESS!!! Let’s talk about something a little taboo shall we? Let’s get a little naughty shall we? Shall we pretend we are bad little kids huddled in a fort with our curiosity going a little on the wild side and let the topic go off a little tiny bit sexy…not raunchy…not obscene…justContinue reading “WAKE UP INNER GODDESS!!!!”


MY EPIPHANY!!! I just had an epiphany…Wow…not only did I have an epiphany, this is the first time that I ever used the word that I didn’t even know how to spell it, I had to look it up to make sure I knew how to spell it. But on to my epiphany…I have toContinue reading “MY EPIPHANY!!!!”


DANCE THE LONLINESS AWAY!!!! My quest to combat lonliness continues and I am beating it!! Ha ha!! My activities continue! I am like a child that you want to sleep through the night so you tire them out so you keep them extra active through the day. That’s me! Ask me what I did tonight!Continue reading “DANCE YOUR LONELINESS AWAY…”


TALKING TO MY EX I heard your voice today How did I feel I think the anger is starting to subside I think the hate is not so hard You are starting to be a human to me Not so much a monster like before I heard your voice today I liked that you calledContinue reading “TALKING TO MY EX….”


LONELINESS AND EMPTY NEST SYNDROME Today I wrote a poem I was so proud of I showed it to my daughter. I realize I am suffering from “Empty Nest Syndrome” put on top with my marriage collapsing, and abandonment issues…and oh yeah…I just started some weird azz medication for anxiety because I have been stuffingContinue reading “LONELINESS AND EMPTY NEST SYNDROME!!!”


MY HAPPY PRINCESS I sit as I watch my daughter of 26 primp up and flash out the door And she leaves and she leaves and she leaves How I long for her to stay with me and watch movies How I long for her to want to stay home and just talk And doContinue reading “MY HAPPY PRINCESS”