HOW DIVORCE AFFECTS YOUR FINANCES!!! Would I rather have unhappiness and material things…meaning being in an unhappy marriage but having the money to freely buy whatever I wanted. Or live in poverty and be happy by leaving my marriage…Of course my spirit has been lifted since my departure from that miserable marriage. Now….(Big sigh)ho hum…IContinue reading “HOW DIVORCE AFFECTED MY FINANCES!!!”


First Day at Divorce Support Group I don’t know what I was expecting at this group, maybe heaps of humans slumped in their chairs unable to go on because the love of their life was divorcing them. Do I have grim thoughts or what because as we were starting this man grabbed the tissues andContinue reading “FIRST DAY OF DIVORCE SUPPORT GROUP!!”


THE END OF A DREAM The end of a dream…   Did we even have one?   You were never there and as I look back   you gave me nothing   Visions of our future of growing old together was ever discussed   So what did I lose really   I actually received somethingContinue reading “THE END OF A DREAM…”


CAN YOU LEAVE HIM???? There is one fear that keeps woman from moving on, that keeps you stuck if you are unhappy and miserable in a marriage. You know you want to go, yeah, maybe you love him.  But are you miserable? Leaving, let me count the ways.. Get an attorney File for divorce HaveContinue reading “CAN YOU LEAVE HIM???”

Divorce Support Group…

Divorce Support Groups I have a confession to make, now everyone grab onto your seats cause this is a big one (the room silences in anticipation). I am not Super Woman. I KNOW! Believe me I was just as surprised as all of you. So I am taking off my cape and hanging it inContinue reading “Divorce Support Group…”

My Family Portrait

My Family Portrait Without a Husband My most prized possession as a single person I keep this close to me here at my job It’s a small Christmas portrait of my children and I They had asked me what did I want this year I said if I can’t have this give me nothing atContinue reading “My Family Portrait”

Validation of a Broken Marriage…

Validation of a Broken Marriage The words hit me in the pit of my stomach… You never want to take responsibility for your part This is my husband speaking about the break-up of our marriage This rage engulfs me like fire in my soul My part? How short his memory is, I didn’t ask forContinue reading “Validation of a Broken Marriage…”


ANXIETY AND DIVORCE Lately I have been noticing my heart rate seeming a little harder. You know like when you are hiding under your bed with a bloody knife in your hand and Freddy Krueger is slowly walks in the room…you see his feet…you dare not even breathe cause he might hear you and youContinue reading “ANXIETY AND DIVORCE!!!”


I TOLD MY HUSBAND OF MY NEW RELATIONSHIP What did I do…I was at a party yesterday and I was reminded of the humiliating things I used to do to try to make my husband stay with me. I was humiliated because it was being told in front of many people including my son andContinue reading “I TOLD MY HUSBAND OF MY NEW RELATIONSHIP!!”