COMBATTING LONELINESS DAY 1 Goal was to become visit people, meet people, go around people. In other words stop being a wah wah all by myself at home and be social. I could do that…me social butterfly…I can do that. I went to my mother and visited. I had a good time. So good IContinue reading “LONELY PEOPLE”

No One There To Care….

No One There To Care I hug my blankie for comfort It helps me feel safe and secure As I lay in bed I see my silhouette The side of my head up against the wall It reminds me of a small child Early in the morning yet still dark in the night I feelContinue reading “No One There To Care….”


Dealing with The Loneliness I grew up in a large Hispanic family with wall to wall kids. That is why everyone should always have more than one child because then you always have a friend. I always had lots of friends. I had my siblings and we would go to my relatives house and ofContinue reading “DEALING WITH THE LONELINESS…”