I Promise You Todays with No Problems

I am awake late at night because my new kitty I just adopted is unsettled. She paces my room like a caged lion and I yearn to gaze in her mind. What is she feeling? What has she been through and what life has she had? Is she edgy because she is a free spirit … Continue reading I Promise You Todays with No Problems

Tranquility Pools

  Tranquility Pools What is this I feel in my heart What is this I feel in my soul The thrashing of the oceans have stopped The crushing of waves against the cliffs have ceased All this I carried within every part of me Developed by pain, anger, resentment At times the tides were so … Continue reading Tranquility Pools


PRAY THE PAIN AWAY It’s ok for your heart to ache sometimes This is part of the grieving process Without pain how could we compare joy So I sit here with this pain and I let it settle And I don’t think of it as the end of the world Instead it is just a … Continue reading PRAY MY PAIN AWAY…


THIS LOVE OF MINE… The beauty of me is my loving heart There is nothing stronger about me My love is so powerful and so pure I care to the depths of my soul God gave me such an incredible gift Just approach me and you will be pulled in If asked, this is my … Continue reading THIS LOVE OF MINE…


LOVE IS ONLY SKIN DEEP… A part of her yearns for beauty To be the fairest of them all Where does that come from How does one tie beauty to love Can beauty bring her love Reality will tell her the truth But the little girl still begs to differ Never compare your daughters Telling … Continue reading LOVE IS ONLY SKIN DEEP….


HE KILLING ME SOFTLY…FOR MY OWN GOOD Romantically drawn to him no more He killed my heart towards him Severed the true love a wife should have I know I could never be true to him any more The look of discust on his face As I cried out in pain Sent up a metal … Continue reading KILLING ME SOFTLY…FOR MY OWN GOOD


THE BUTTERLY HAS AWAKEN… There was a time I could not see the beauty I possessed There was a time I could not see all I could be I gave you all the power to control how I felt about me I was your puppet and you held my strings But I gave you these … Continue reading THE BUTTERFLY HAS AWAKEN….


SO YOU WANT TO HEAL It is called trudging… Do things you don’t want to do You just keep doing it Continue to “act as if” Even when you don’t want to The pain will still be there The I don’t want to’s will continue to be there And it’s no matter what you do … Continue reading SO YOU WANT TO HEAL…


THE EVIL INSIDE OF YOU I could see the face of evil I could see it when it came What brought it on I did not know one time I gave you the wrong change   In a flash like a dark bulb the light would change I wouldn’t know you anymore   Your black … Continue reading THE EVIL INSIDE OF YOU….


BROKEN IN LOVE I don’t feel secure…Is it you or is it me….I don’t know I have been hurt so much in the past I don’t know how this goes Maybe I moved too fast from one man to the next I feel sad…I don’t think I should feel like this am I Am I … Continue reading BROKEN IN LOVE